Knobs Pulls Or Both How Do I Design Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Generally, we are seeing most people use cabinet pulls on their drawers, and cabinet knobs on their cabinets (see photo). That allows people to use coordinating knobs and pulls that have a common design, like a "rope" design, a "vine" design, etc. That said, it is always a matter of preference. I, personally, like the look of cabinet pulls on ...

Comments (11) Not a resident expert, but from what I've seen here and elsewhere, it looks like most drawers have pulls. Cabinets can have either knobs or pulls, it just depends on the look you're going for. I prefer pulls but I like a clean streamline look. You can definitely mix ORB with SS appliances. RuthAnn Richards | When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. - Unknown

Kitchen Knobs Pulls Or Mix How To Design Your Cabinets Kitchen Bed Bath