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Avoid The Stress Of Doing It Yourself. Enter Your Zip Code & Get Started! Step 1: Enter Zip Code. Step 2: Describe Project. Step 3: Get Quotes From Pros. Assemble and Install the Lights - Solar Landscape Lighting Remove the cover tag over the solar battery of each light, then put the top of the light back together, if necessary. Assemble the lights according to instructions.

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Installing landscape lighting adds curb appeal to your home. By: Kristi York Wooten Installing landscape lighting doesn't have to be a daunting task. With so many options on the market today - including solar, LED and low-voltage landscape lights - you can choose a style and method that suit your home, wallet and skill level. There are two ways to power your outdoor lighting. Solar-powered lighting is easy to install and has no wiring. Or, the type we are installing today is low-voltage lighting, which plugs into any outdoor GCFI outlet and works great as a decorative touch or to illuminate a path.

How To Put In Landscape Lighting This Old House

Take the low voltage cable and put one wire in the hot terminal and one wire in the common terminal of the transformer. The transformer converts the power to low voltage and can control when the lights power on and off. Heath picked out a system that has a photocell that plugs into it. That way the lights come on at dusk and off at dawn. Fact: Landscape lighting is low voltage, which means that it is safe for you to install it yourself. All it takes is a few materials. When you install low voltage lighting, all you will need are the lights, a transformer, low voltage cable and any accessories (such as brackets or spikes to keep your lights in place).

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Easy To Install Led Landscape Lighting Super Bright Leds - Watch the Updated Version with Better Sound Quality at or Subscribe at Step-4 Wiring your Fixtures. Next we are going to connect the fixtures to your runs of cable or hubs. Splice the low voltage cable to your fixtures, using direct burial connectors. Remember that low voltage lighting does not have a polarity. So you don't have to keep track of cable wires when connecting to the fixtures.

Easy To Install Led Landscape Lighting Super Bright Leds

Easy To Install Led Landscape Lighting Super Bright Leds

After you have defined your reasons for wanting to add landscape lighting, sketch your yard. Include in the sketch existing lights, buildings, benches, trees and shrubs, as well as the vegetation and decorations in the garden. Each of these items will reflect light or absorb it. Estimate the height of each of the objects, especially the foliage. Before installing landscape lighting, learn these tips, tricks, do's and donts! See where to place landscaping lighting for the best effect.

Easy To Install Led Landscape Lighting Super Bright Leds

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The key, as with other wiring methods, is to group fixtures in close proximity of one another so the variation in voltage is slight from one fixture to another. Your goal should be a less than .5-volt drop between fixtures throughout the system. This is entirely achievable when the proper techniques and transformers are chosen. Insert the light fixture into its metal ground stake. Using both hands, push the fixture and its stake into the ground until the top of the stake is flush with the ground. Eyeball the fixture to make sure it's not tilted to one side. Tuck the cable and connector under the sod and stuff them into the soil, about 2 inches deep.

How To Install Landscape Lighting Step By Step Guide

Cables used in installing landscape lighting is typically buried underground. The cable runs from the transformer to each light fixture to give them power. Low Voltage electrical cable comes in several gauges (12, 14, 16 are the most common). The lower the gauge number is, the thicker the wire will be. Installing outdoor lighting can increase both the style and safety of your home's exterior. See how you can extend your landscape's open hours, and learn how to install outdoor lighting with our step-by-step instructions for outdoor wiring.

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What good is curb appeal if you can't see it? Adding landscape lighting to the exterior of your home can bring new life and added safety at all hours of the ... Looking to enhance your home with landscape lighting. Get started with planning tips, design help and landscape lighting techniques in our landscape lighting guide.

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Installing an exterior landscape lighting system is a great way to add beauty, curb appeal and safety to your home garden, walkway and entrance areas. Plus, if you have an existing system, it can easily be enhanced or adapted to reflect new layouts, styles, or landscaping updates. Before Installing Landscape Lighting. The first step in any outdoor lighting plan is to sketch out your landscape lighting ideas. A sketch will give you the opportunity to choose how many lights, and what specific type of fixtures, in addition to where they will be placed. Not only does a sketch allow a visualization of the final look of the ...

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Outdoor Lights Low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to add value to your home and up its curb appeal while saving you money and minimizing energy use. All you need to get your system installed are the right lights, the proper transformer and cables.