Grayish Green Kitchen Cabinets

In honor of National Painting Week, I thought it would be fun to look at some boldly painted kitchen cabinets. It seems that only ten years ago, cabinetry options were limited to a wide variety of wood tones and maybe some white. Color in the kitchen wasn't for cabinetry, it was for linens or serving ware or walls.

For some time now, white has been the color of choice for kitchen cabinets. I think maybe we got fatigued by all those dark-cherry and oak cabinets in the late 90s and decided to play it safe. But now I'm noticing a new trend, one that I'm really excited about: color, especially in beautiful, cool tones like grey and green and blue, is creeping back into the kitchen. Give your kitchen a classic antique look with Shaker Antique White Kitchen Cabinets. Different stains & colors to match your own personal style - wholesale prices. High-quality & easy to set up. Free kitchen designs and contractor discounts available. Free shipping on qualifying orders over $2500.

15 Best Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Top Green Paint Colors For Kitchens

15 Best Green Kitchens Ideas For Green Kitchen Design

Golden backsplash design, grayish green kitchen cabinets. Follow. Golden colors are the symbols of expensive, warm, beautiful designs. Golden kitchen cabinets and backsplash designs look glamorous and high-end. Yellow brass color shades and metallic textures fill modern kitchen interiors with chic. If you follow the latest kitchen trends, here ...

15 Best Green Kitchens Ideas For Green Kitchen Design