Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 15

It is kitty cat time again and this time round, I will share a picture of the growing ginger kitten who has adopted me.
I love kittens and this fella is a real naughty one with all his antics. Whenever I lock him outside, he will promptly climb in thru one of the windows looking really happy that he got in. He is currently going through a teething stage so he loves to bite my toes. He loves to rile up Meow Meow, he won't eat from his bowl outside the house, instead he must climb inside the house and eat from her bowl of food. Needless to say Meow Meow snarls at him but he is not fazed by her and will continue to eat or drink from her bowls.

Do join us for weekend cat blogging by sending your permalink with your cute kitty's pictures to Clare at eat stuff. You can also check out the round-up of cute kitties from all over the world on her blog starting with the adorable Kiri in his home made sweater.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com