On the 4th Saturday of August is an annual bike ride called ONABIKE. The ride starts and ends in Onawa, Iowa.

There are 2 routes, 27 miles, mostly flat and 62 miles, 9 miles of hills and 54 flat miles. The ride goes through the beautiful Loess Hills of NW Iowa.

The pass through towns include Turin, Soldier, Moorhead, Pisgah, Little Sioux and Blencoe. The ride goes through Monona and Harrison Counties. ONABIKE itself is a cultural event amongst cyclists. It is the one day bike ride to do in NW Iowa.

Photos of the area of the Loess Hills starting between Onawa and Turin to Murray Hill, the highest point in Harrison County.

These photos were taken between Onawa and Turin and in Turin. This highway literally borders the very edge of the Loess Hills in this area. The town of Turin is on this road:

This area is between Turin and Soldier and the water tower in Soldier. One thing about the state of Iowa, even in the Loess Hills, when you're riding bike you know you're within a few miles of a town when you see a water tower, church steeple or a grain elevator on the horizon. Most of the hill climbing is between Turin and Soldier.

On almost every ONABIKE this blog author has participated in there has always been some sort of road construction along part of the route. This year was no exception.

From the town of Soldier all the way to Pisgah is in the bottom of the valley. These photos are between Soldier and Moorhead and the town of Moorhead. In some of the towns there are historic buildings. Moorhead has an old bank building. Some of These photos also show the blue Loess Hills signs. Some show where a scenic loop is. Others just list it as the scenic byway:

There are other events that happen on the same day as ONABIKE. One of these events use part of the same route ONABIKE uses, the Loess Hills Tractor Ride.

These photos show the scenery between Moorhead and Pisgah as well as the town of Pisgah. Also shown are the some of the 95 tractors driven by their owners oncoming to the ONABIKE route on this part of the ride.

ONABIKE, being in a river valley area crosses a few rivers and even one river more than once. The scenery of the river valley combined with the Loess Hills is beautiful indeed:

The section of the ONABIKE route between Pisgah and Murray Hill in Harrison County is the final leg of the beautiful scenery of the Loess Hills on the ride. After Murray Hill the route drops back to the bottom of the river valley amongst the rich fertile farmland.

Along the route there are several farms, some have some interesting things on the property as shown in these photos on this section of the route.

This county highway is the last of the climbing on the route and ends near the top of Murray Hill, the highest point in Harrison County. Where the crest of the hill is on the roadway is not the highest point of Murray Hill. The highest point is up the narrow dirt path that leads to the top of Murray Hill. From the top one can see the beautiful scenery of the Missouri Valley for miles around: