On September 6

On this day in ...
...1522 (490 years ago today), a Spanish ship returned to home port with only a 22-man crew aboard. "The rest had died, deserted or, in some cases, had been left behind as unworthy of sharing in the spoils of the rich cargo of spices." Among those who had died in the fleet of 5 ships that had set sail 3 years earlier was the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, killed in a battle in the Philippines. The ship, Victoria, thus became the 1st ever to circumnavigate the world; in recognition of the achivement, Spain's king bestowed on the captain "a coat of arms bearing a globe and the Latin phrase Primus circumdedisti me, or 'You Went Around Me First.'" (credit for photo of replica of Victoria, at a museum in Chile, a stop along the ship's global sojourn)

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