KLUTCHclub Review - June 2012

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KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription service for $18 a month.  This is my 2nd Klutchclub box, the June box.  The one prior to my 1st box looked so good, the April box, so I ordered it.  The May box I received was just less than I expected, but I thought perhaps that was an exception and to try another month.  A lot of the monthly subscription services will have a box that is less than expected, but the following month will make up for it, so you continue with the subscription.  Well the June box caused me to cancel the service.  This is just not worth $18.  The box has more coupons than products and my experience with the coupons last month was very unpleasant.  I used the Moving Comfort coupon last month and it was full of problems.  First, the coupon showed up correctly on the website, but my email confirmation showed the entire amount, no coupon deduction.  I called them and they said their system was down and they couldn't answer my question, that they would get back to me.  Later received an email assuring me that coupon was applied to my order.  I checked my credit card statement online and no coupon, entire amount pending.  So I asked for my order to be cancelled.  I do not have much patience for a company I have never ordered from before and this was just too much.  Then I received an email weeks later to write a review on the product I purchased, but I never received!  So yet again I emailed them since my account does not show that item as cancelled.  Then again they confirm that the order is cancelled.  Is it really, is it cancelled Moving Comfort?  What a hassle, now I have to keep checking my statement to be sure they don't send the charge through or call my credit card company and put a block on them.  If you like coupons and trying new companies, this is for you, but not for me.  Goodbye, KLUTCHclub.