Iridescent Mermaid Pedestal 3-Wick Candle Holder - Bath & Body Works

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When I saw that Bath & Body Works was offering this Mermaid Candle Holder, I just had to have it. I used a 20% off coupon and Mr. Rebates and ordered it online. I went to one of our local stores and they didn't have it in stock. It appears this will be one that is hard to find in stores, so if you want it you may want to order it online. Even if your store gets a few, they tend to sell out quickly. I wouldn't recommend waiting for a sale since odds are it won't be in stock by the time the candle holders go on sale at the end of the season. Mine arrived with no damage since it was shipped in its own box with a styrofoam mold. I have heard that some customers weren't so lucky and it was shipped without the proper padding and it broke. They will send you a replacement if it's still in stock, so order early. This one is really pretty in person, the website photo doesn't do it justice. I imagine it would be best suited for a room decorated in a beach theme, a bedroom or a bathroom.  It would be the perfect gift for a little girl's room! It doesn't have to be used as a candle holder, it could be used to hold jewelry, a decoration, soaps, bath bombs, you name it. In normal daylight, it has a silver glow, when in sunset light it has a pink glow and in artificial light, it has a blue glow. This candle holder is more pricey than the others coming in at $34.50, but it is more detailed and larger. It is heavy, so you don't have to worry about it being easily tipped over. It has a felt base. I recommend carrying it by the base because the mermaid is a separate piece that has been connected to the base and the candle holder. Here's an example of what it looks like in different light:

Notice how the mermaid's tail appears to be a blue color. It reflects several different rainbow colors, but it's either mostly silver, pink or blue depending on the light. It's really detailed and so beautiful, I highly recommend you grab one for yourself or as a gift for a mermaid fan. Have you bought any of their spring collection candle holders yet? Check out the Seashell Candle Holder I reviewed previously and stay tuned for two more candle holder reviews.
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