Cafe Crumbs @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar


Sugar high time...I'm a big fan of sweets (if you have not noticed.

Not one to past up a sweet treat, I kinda fell for this teeny weeny cafe tucked in Lucky Gardens, that forgotten part of Bangsar away from its glam side.

I love their "old fashioned" bakes or real cakes as I like to call them. None of that frou frou sponge cake layers made from mixes and mousse layers. Here you have cakes that I you can just eat on its own (au naturel) without lashings of fakey pearly white non dairy cream topping. Even if icing is anointed on its perfect crumb, it is just a little to enhance its taste.


It is thanks to fellow food blogger, A Whiff of Lemongrass, that I discovered this place.

Since the place is super small (just a half shop), it can be quite hard to spot. We found it nestled between a clinic and a reflexology centre. For those familiar with Bangsar, it is on the same row as the infamous coffee shop everyone stops for their Sarawak laksa fix.

The space is narrow and wide. Tables first in front but walk to the back for their treasure trove of goodies.  For a wider look, mirrors were placed on one side while the other side of the wall is decorated with pictures from their launch and friends.

It has a rather whimsy charming air to it with the clothes peg stringing the pictures and of course, their moustaches. I'm not too sure what is the story behind it but their trademark is a bushy mustache that reminds me a little of Groucho Mark's trademark look.

We sit down for tea - salted caramel brownie (RM5) for him and baby lime cake (RM4) for me.

The sweet treats come in plates that remind me a little of Easter eggs.


I love my tangy cake with a slightly rough crumb and that slick of cream cheese frosting on it. The cake is a little sourish from the lime syrup that I like but the other half does not (he is of the type who hates sourish things but leans towards the sweet)

He prefers his brownie flecked with salt crystals and drizzled with caramel. One can't resist bites of that chocolate goodness and I end up stealing quite a few bites of it.


On another occasion, we raid their shelves for cakes to share among family (who loved it too!).

I love the cheesecakes too - with a biscuit crumb and a not overly dense cream cheese base that is still soft. Two flavours available, a peach and ginger and white chocolate blueberry (RM6.50 each). The ginger is not that pronounced though but you get bits of canned peaches within the creamy layer. Both flavours are not overly sweet.

For the Chinese New Year, they have a mandarin brownie (RM5) flecked with mandarin jam. It is fudgey and has a slight tang to it but I still prefer the salted caramel version. We also sample the pumpkin carrot cake (RM5). I admit I left it in the fridge for some time before I got around to eating this but after leaving it out for a while, the crumb was soft and not dry. My only complaint is the brown sugar seemed to dominate more versus any carrot or pumpkin taste. Nevertheless the crumb of this cake was still rather nice and moist.

I reckon I'll return again to try more sweets. On the last visit I spotted vanilla creme brulee (yum!) and they also serve sandwiches, which we have yet to try.

Cafe Crumbs
10, Lorong Ara Kiri Dua
Lucky Gardens

(Halal. Located along the same row as Pappa John's pizza, Nam Chuan coffeeshop and the Alliance Bank Berhad. Closed on Mondays. For more pictures, see my Flickr set.)

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