13 Best Pool Landscaping Design Ideas Reds Landscaping

Kentia Palm (Howea fosteriana) by the pool. If you are looking for swimming pool landscaping ideas, the Kentia Palm (Howea fosteriana) makes a great plant for creating a luxuriant garden by the pool. It also provides a little shade as well as softening the look of the landscape. Amongst the palms, it is one of the easier ones to maintain.

75 Beautiful Pool Pictures & Ideas - January, 2021 | Houzz. Some of the best pool ideas incorporate seamlessly into the landscape design by using natural-looking materials, or by using an infinity edge. Plant around 20mm deep in pots, or around 80mm - 150mm deep in the garden. Alway check the planting depth with your supplier. The rule of thumb is the planting depth should be around 2.5 times the bulb width. Tesselaars recommend planting the bulbs 3 times the bulb height in Australia. Plant in full sun.

13 Best Pool Landscaping Design Ideas Reds Landscaping Melbourne